Your Space


We don’t want to nickel and dime you, so we’ve included everything in one cost, with the exception of meals.  Need an HD projector?  It’s included.  Incredibly fast and dependable WiFi?  Included.  Forget to bring copies of your agenda?  We’ve got you covered.  And you will have an endless supply of tea and fresh-brewed coffee to keep your guests fueled and happy.


One of the greatest advantages of hosting a meeting at Gravitate is that you will have access to local, healthy food options! Unlike other meeting venues in the Duke City, Gravitate allows you to partner with the caterer of your choice. This means that you will benefit not only from lower food and beverage costs; you will have healthy food options from local restaurants and caterers!


We know that the design and feeling of a space contributes to a successful meeting. The environment you are in affects your attitude, concentration and energy levels. Access to daylighting and views, thermal comfort, sensory change and variability, and a reduced perception of crowding are all purposeful design features which set Gravitate meetings apart.



We want to be the conduit for amazing meetings which launch groundbreaking initiatives, or motivate the next generation of leadership, or discover business growth strategies — all of which contribute to a greater cause and will make our community a better place.