You’ve had the most amazing meeting ever… now what? Whether you’re celebrating the conclusion of a productive strategic planning session, or feeling enlightened after a powerful motivational presentation, or wanting to build on a newfound friendship with a team member — Albuquerque offers some fantastic opportunities for you to revel in the successes of your hard work. Here are a few of my favorite things to do in town after an inspired meeting experience:

  • 1. Get Your Hiking Shoes

    We have Aah-mazing trails, and they’re only minutes from wherever you are in the city! Grab some folks from the meeting and take the short drive to one of these great trails: The views and fresh air will help you focus and re-energize. My favorites are the Pino and the Domingo Baca trails. Bring your camera — the views are spectacular!

  • 2. Exercise the Right Side of Your Brain

    If you haven’t spent any time at the Albuquerque Museum of Art & History lately, then we need to have a talk. Albuquerque Museum Their curators are THE BEST on the planet, and the exhibitions represent some of the most exceptional works of all time. Free yourself from the chatter in your head and relax inside the beautiful museum atmosphere.

  • 3. Experience Our City (…and Leave Your Keys!)

    So if exercise or cultural awareness don’t fit the bill, try planning a trip on the ABQ Trolley. The minimal coordination needed will be well worth it when you have a bundle of your meeting cohorts experiencing the coolest sites in town. Get your merriment on: “The Hopper” tour takes you on a brew cruise to 4-5 local breweries.

Would love to learn about your After Meeting plans as well as any of your favorite ways to spend time post-meeting. Keep in touch by sending a note and any photos!