According to a 2014 study conducted by the Convention Industries Council, the meetings industry contributed over $115 Billion to the US GDP in 2012. In perspective, meetings contribute more to the GDP than the air transportation, motion picture, performing arts, and spectator sport industries — that’s pretty incredible! And perhaps even more interesting: of the 1.83 Million meetings held in the US in 2012, 1.3 Million are categorized as corporate or business meetings, followed by conventions and trade shows.

We believe that in addition to the direct spending impacts from offsite meetings, practical benefits to corporations can have long-term influence. The discovery of business growth strategies, for example, can posture an organization for expansion of services and the hiring of additional employees. Gravitate, a space which was designed specifically for hosting business functions, knows that a meaningful and effective meeting can leave a real fingerprint on your organization. The return on investment can include team alignment, quality and healthy discussions, and strengthened company performance within their industry.

“Offsite meetings really provide an environment for engagement, focus and participation…”

While some businesses choose to hold their corporate meeting at their offices, many are switching to an offsite location. Maria Griego-Raby, Owner of Contract Associates, a New Mexico-owned provider of commercial furnishings, has hosted annual, offsite company planning meetings for several years. She says, “Offsite meetings really provide an environment for engagement, focus and participation allowing for more fun, creativity and the ability to connect with team members in a different, more holistic way. Employees also feel that the investment of time and resources that goes into planning an annual meeting offsite demonstrates the importance of the day and equally the importance of their involvement.”

Todd Clarke, Owner of NM Apartment Advisors, is also a consultant to the New Mexico Real Estate Commission. He has spent the last three years helping his industry overhaul its continuing education, raising the bar for course curriculum, instructors and classroom venues. He selected Gravitate for a full-day retreat to include instructor updates and practice sessions, resume photography for each of the instructors, the creation of a video case study for an online course, and the 22nd offering of the 4-hour CORE Course. Todd told us, “After a long day, feedback from participants ranged from amazing to inspired. Without a doubt, attendance was higher, energy levels were improved, and our team left encouraged by the powerful impact of a quality venue.”

Gravitate’s objective is to help our clients create not only meetings, but experiences that are meaningful, engaging, and have lasting positive value. If you’re ready to make an impact on your organization, schedule a tour of our space and let us help you design your next purposeful meeting!