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Making It Rain For Organizations Large and Small

Face-to-Face Interaction Increases Innovation and Profitability

Take the recent story about how Quest Diagnostics saw a 31% revenue growth in 2016 via the launch of a new suite of technology called Quanum. Ultimately, this innovation — the first of their industry — led to a nearly nine-figure revenue lift for Quest Diagnostics. Their Chief Information Officer, Lidia Fonseca, was awarded the 2017 Forbes CIO Innovation Award.

“Business retreats are the lifeblood for innovation and collaboration, both of which are essential drivers of profitability.”

For this technology breakthrough to occur, face-to-face interaction took place at the Innovation Table to discover, nurture and disseminate the company’s objectives.

How It Works

Join us for a full-day retreat consisting of two programs, decided by you! Keri Stewart will help your business move from where you are to where you want to be, and will do so by tailoring the program to your business, your team, and your goals.

You Choose Two of the Following Programs:

Keri will conduct a pre-retreat interview to clarify your desired outcomes. She will get to work designing a program that is custom-made to your company, its values, and its objectives.

Rainmaker Retreat - TreatsWhen you arrive for your retreat, you and your team will be pampered with our full-attention. Meals, quality snacks and unlimited hot and cold beverages will keep everyone fueled and happy. Keri’s on-point facilitation will find the collective power of your team, bring a new perspective to the forefront, challenge your thinking and willingness to grow.

After your retreat, you can expect Keri to follow up as your accountability partner, challenging you to stick to your plan, and helping you stay focused if you get off course.

It’s time for you to answer, “What’s next?” It’s time for you to realize the potential of your business!

Whether your business seeks to extend your products or services; promote sales efforts; develop your staff — serious brainpower and talent, combined with an outlet for information exchange, are needed to contribute to elevated outcomes.

It’s all too rare that we are invited to sit at the table where meaningful strategies and professional development are on the agenda. Don’t let stagnation be commonplace.

About your coach:

Keri Stewart is a Certified Professional Business Coach who seeks to solve the many challenges of business ownership, eager to make businesses better than when she found them. By treating her client’s business as if it were her own, Keri has become known as a Business Rainmaker! www.RESULTS4BUSINESS.net



About your host:

Gravitate is a modern and light-filled meeting space purposefully designed to host inspired and meaningful business functions. Creator Jen Mulliniks loves to spoil her clients with attention and an exceptional meeting experience. www.GravitateABQ.com



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Facilitated By
Keri Stewart, Certified Professional Business Coach and owner of Results 4 Business.