Organizational Health

Leading an organization through change and revitalization is complex, and, necessary.

It’s important to develop a dual-management focus; one that concentrates on meeting the challenges of today, another with its eye firmly set on the different world that lies beyond.

Being health-focused may be the best kept secret in business.  Planning for team success, creating an action plan, and implementing regular communication are the keys to healthy organization that can success in today’s competitive landscape.

In the book, Beyond Performance: How Great Organizations Build Ultimate Competitive Advantage by authors Scott Keller and Colin Price, we learn that the ultimate competitive advantage lies in creating a healthy ecosystem that can adjust to future contexts and challenges, and create a capacity to keep changing over time.

Keller and Price define organizational health as “the ability of an organization to align, execute, and renew itself faster than the competition to sustain exceptional performance over time.”  These are not hippy new-age management philosophies.  Their research shows that half of a company’s long-term financial success is driven by its health.

Each company has its own history, specific competitors, a unique team constellation, and shared values that will influence how a healthy ecosystem is created.  Therefore, Organizational Health & Renewal Retreats must be custom-tailored to your company.

What are the benefits of an Organizational Health & Renewal Retreat?

  • Helps identify non-financial risks impacting your company’s financial stability and growth.
  • Aligns management team’s vision priorities with the company’s strategic plan.
  • Provides understanding into why your company may be losing customers.
  • Prepares you for potential business interruptions.

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