Meeting Space


We guarantee there are no surprises to your bill at the conclusion of your meeting so that you can focus on what’s most important: Your guests.  Plug-and-play AV?  It’s included.  Fast and dependable WiFi?  Included.  Endless supply of delicious coffee and hot tea?  Yep.  And you’ll even receive warm and attentive service at no extra charge!


Need help with meals and snacks?  We make catering a breeze at Gravitate!  Clients love how we partner with local eateries to provide beautiful and healthy food options.  You tell us a little bit about your budget and what you need, and we’ll take it from there!  You will benefit from lower food and beverage costs… your guests will rave about the delicious spread!


We know that the design and feeling of a space contributes to a successful meeting. The environment you are in affects your attitude, concentration and energy levels. Access to daylighting and views, thermal comfort, sensory change and variability, and a reduced perception of crowding are all purposeful design features which set Gravitate meetings apart.



Gravitate’s Mission:  To provide a modern space purposefully designed for people to meet, exchange knowledge, and build meaningful relationships.