Hello, friends! I would like to introduce you to Prosum Roasters, the Duke City’s only socially responsible source for excellent coffee. www.ProsumRoasters.com We’re all familiar with the term, Fair Trade. But what about Direct Trade? Prosum, which is Latin for: To be useful, do good, is deeply committed to developing positive relationships with coffee farmers and the communities they live and work in. And as such, they purchase directly from growers – a practice unique to the coffee industry.

On a mission to find the best coffee for Gravitate clients, I met with the owner of Prosum Roasters, Cindy Guttromson, who educated me on the complex (and troubling) coffee industry. Most of the regions where coffee is produced are unregulated and people are exploited. There are no Departments of Labor to safeguard fair wages and working conditions. Cindy works passionately to build relationships directly with the growers to ensure that the money she pays for their coffee supports the farmers, pickers, and the community, and that it doesn’t go into the pockets of the middlemen.

In addition to doing great things for our world, Prosum Roasters also supplies the best coffee Gravitate sampled on our quest for superior grinds. These folks are serious about their coffee and their enthusiasm is evident in the quality of beans they purchase, roast, and deliver. After tasting a variety of coffee blends, Prosum Roasters developed a custom blend to be roasted exclusively for Gravitate. And I must tell you, after our grand opening event – we gave out 3oz samples of our Burundi-Brazilian blend – I had multiple emails from guests asking where they can buy the coffee. {Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.}

It’s a new year, and I have found inspiration in Cindy’s gusto to make the world a better place. So, readers, know this: Simple decisions, such as purchasing coffee from Albuquerque’s own Prosum Roasters, can have tangible impacts on people’s livelihood. Bonus: You’ll be drinking the best coffee you’ve ever had in your life! Prosum is open to the public. Whether you’re seeking a cup or a 12oz bag of grinds, be sure to make your next coffee purchase with them.

Did you know? According to a report by NPR, women’s handprints can be found at every point in coffee production. In fact, on family-owned farms in Africa, about 70% of the maintenance and harvesting work is done by women, according to the International Trade Centre. Read the article here.