Retreats at Gravitate
Connect. Learn. Explore. Grow.


Organizational Health

Organizational Health and Renewal Retreats at Gravitate can help leadership teams comprehend the forces of change and demonstrate how to better manage their organizations for long-term viability and success.


All-Hands / Town Hall

All-hands meetings provide an excellent forum to update employees and should be a part of a company’s regular internal communications.  They are especially useful as a company grows because everyone gets the same information at the same time.


Strategic Planning

Regardless of whether your business is a scrappy start-up or one of the biggest players in the market, strategic planning outlines a clear path for everyone in your company. Creating a road map for you company can help keep it on course for success.


GravitateABQ Brand Revitalization Retreat

Brand Revitalization

As competition creates infinite choices, companies need to look for ways to connect emotionally with their customers, become irreplaceable, and create lifelong relationships.  When your brand fails to connect with customers, it’s time to change it.


Ignite Retreat

Whether your organization seeks to extend your products or services; promote sales efforts; develop your staff… Serious brainpower and talent, combined with an outlet for information exchange, are needed to contribute to elevated outcomes.


Succession Readiness 

If done correctly, succession planning should be the result of an ongoing development effort that focuses on the growth and readiness of people.  Simply stated, leaders cannot succeed one another if they are not developed and ready for that next role.