Brand Revitalization

When a brand is fully dialed in, it can explain why your organization is valued higher than your competition.  

For readers who share my guilty pleasure of watching old episodes of The Office on Netflix late at night, the concept of Brand Revitalization will be appreciated.  After all, the show follows a mid-sized paper company in Scranton, PA struggling to stay relevant in an increasing digital society.  “Dunder Mifflin: Limitless Paper in a Paperless World”.

McKee Wallwork + Co comprises a team of experts at turning stalled, stuck and stale brands around.  Located right here in the Duke City, they offer a variety of Brand Revitalization programs.  And for all those raving fans of The Office, go online and read MWC’s case study about the avant-garde work they did for a company called International Paper!

There are multiple reasons companies should consider a Brand Revitalization RetreatIs the purpose of your work different from when you started out?  Has leadership changed hands?  Has your customer persona evolved?

As competition creates infinite choices, companies need to look for ways to connect emotionally with their customers, become irreplaceable, and create lifelong relationships.

What are the benefits of a Brand Renewal Retreat?

  • Differentiating the company from its competition.
  • Increasing credibility and perception of stability among customers.
  • Positioning the company to stand out in a densely crowded marketplace.

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