All Hands/Town Hall

The key to a successful all-hands meeting is transparency and open communication.

What exactly is an all-hands meeting?  It is a company-wide gathering where all employees and others vested in the company meet with the leadership team.

Typically, these meetings should be held quarterly, but for larger companies, a more realistic frequency may be every six months.

The key to a successful all-hands meeting is transparency and open communication.  The agenda should include highlights of company-wide, departmental and individual successes as well as any challenges the company and industry faces.  Did the company increase its market share? Proclaim it. Is there a new product being released or updated?  Give details.  Did an individual break a company performance record or substantially improve their performance?  Reward them.  Are any new products or markets being developed?  Share.

Just as you want to highlight the positive, you must also address the negative.  Is a weak economy impacting sales?  Is a new competitor cannibalizing your market share?  What’s the solution?  Have there been layoffs?  If so, is the company now stable or could there be more layoffs?  The key is to share what you know and what your employees need to know.  Also, permit them to ask questions and be honest with them.

If you don’t openly communicate with staff, they will draw conclusions, often incorrectly, which can hurt company morale and cause some key personnel to look for employment elsewhere.  By keeping everyone updated, it keeps all vested in the company motivated around a common goal while hopefully boosting morale in the process.

What are the benefits of an all-hands meeting?

  • Provides all employees with the same information at the same time.
  • Motivates the team around a common goal.
  • Offers an environment for team networking and camaraderie.
  • Boosts morale.

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