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Our flexible space and furnishings are customizable to suit your specific needs at an all-inclusive rate. All A/V and ideation materials are included. Need a LCD projector? It’s included. Need a podium? Included. Forget to bring copies of your agenda? We’ve got you covered. And you will have an endless supply of tea and coffee to keep your guests fueled and happy.


One of the greatest advantages of hosting a meeting at Gravitate is that you will have access to local, healthy food options! Unlike other meeting venues in the Duke City, Gravitate allows you to partner with the caterer of your choice. This means that you will benefit not only from lower food and beverage costs; you will have healthy food options from local restaurants and caterers!


We know that the design and feeling of a space contributes to a successful meeting. The environment you are in affects your attitude, concentration and energy levels. Access to daylighting and views, thermal comfort, sensory change and variability, and a reduced perception of crowding are all purposeful design features which set Gravitate meetings apart.

What we offer



  • TruFIBER 50Mb/s Highspeed Internet
  • Ceiling-mounted HD Projector + Screen
  • House Sound
  • Wireless Mic + Lavalier
  • Assisted Listening Devices
  • Laptops




  • Total Client Privacy
  • Multiple Breakout Areas
  • Ergonomic Worktables + Chairs
  • Café-Inspired Area
  • User-Controlled Lighting
  • Light-filled Suite with City Views




  • Retreats
  • Continuing Education
  • Speaker Engagements
  • Recruiting Events
  • Business Receptions
  • Sales Training



  • Easy, Central Location
  • Free + Onsite Parking
  • Catering Assistance
  • Unlimited Coffee + Hot Tea
  • Room Set-up to Exact Specifications
  • First-Class Service

Floor Plans

We have the flexibility to offer multiple floor plans that fit a variety of meeting types.
To see all of our floor plans, and the suggested meeting style for each, click the button below.

We want to be the conduit for amazing meetings which launch groundbreaking initiatives, or motivate the next generation of leadership, or discover business growth strategies — all of which contribute to a greater cause and will make our community a better place.

Contact us today to book your best meeting ever at Gravitate, and let us take care of you!


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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.
Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Q: Can you tell me how catering works?
A: We are happy to make arrangements with the caterer/restaurant of your choice, or, you can make meal arrangements on your own. Many clients prefer that we provide them menu samples from a variety of caterers to match their specifications and budget, and then coordinate the order for them. In this scenario, the catering agreement remains between the client and the caterer.

Q: Can we serve alcohol at our meeting?
A: Our clients love hosting business receptions at Gravitate! Contact us to learn our conditions for serving alcohol.

Q: What is the maximum group size you can accommodate?
A: We can accommodate 60 people comfortably seated classroom style, and up to 125 reception style.

Q: Is there a host on-site at all times?
A: Yep! Although we have designed the space to be very user-friendly, we are steps away to assist with A/V, lighting and temperature controls, coffee-making, etc.

Q: Can I have a meeting on the weekend or after hours?
A: Gravitate absolutely hosts meetings on weekends and in the evenings.

Q: Where do my guests park?
A: There is ample and free street parking in the immediate area (Rosemont Ave., 4th and 5th St.) and within 150 steps from the entrance.

Q: Will I have access to the space prior to my meeting to set out nametags, signage, etc.?
A: Yes! You will have a minimum ½ hour prior to the meeting to get set up. Additionally, if you would like to test out the A/V ahead of time, we can certainly set aside some time to do that as well.

Q: Is your space available for wedding receptions or anniversary parties?
A: Sorry, no. Because we specialize in being the best place for hosting amazing meetings in Albuquerque, our services are tailored to business functions only.



We know that all meetings are unique, therefore pricing for your room rate will be customized with considerations to group size and room availability.
We also offer special pricing for Gravitate’s Super Users (clients who book multiple meetings with us)!

Our goal is to ensure you have the best meeting ever. Have a meeting coming up?

Proud to Host These Extraordinary Organizations

Writer Gals
  • “Gravitate is an incredibly inspiring space. We recently held our leadership retreat there and left feeling energized and awestruck. The natural light, incredible views, cafe space, and facilities are any company’s dream.”

    Phil Houser, CEO; DSI- Document Solutions Inc.
  • “Our meeting was a tremendous success because of the space’s flexible layout, state-of-the-art equipment, and of course, Jen’s attention to detail.”

    Conor Sanchez; The Garrity Group Public Relations
  • “Kudos to entrepreneur Jen Mulliniks for creating a world-class space. Without a doubt, attendance for my class was higher, energy levels increased throughout the day, and the teams left excited by the subtle but powerful impact of a quality venue.”

    Todd Clarke; NM Apartment Advisors
  • “Having our meeting at Gravitate demonstrated to employees the importance of the day and equally the importance of their involvement.”

    Maria Griego-Raby; Contract Associates


Jen Mulliniks
Jen Mulliniks


Having spent over 14 years in business development and executive leadership roles, I discovered my enthusiasm for assembly. I love putting people together for a common purpose, whether it’s for education, promotion, team building, ideation, recruiting… I have hosted dozens of business meetings over the years, and I have witnessed some extraordinary outcomes! It’s pretty simple: Face-to-face interaction leads to information exchange which leads to greatness. Contact us today to get started planning your best meeting ever!


Join us for these Gravitate! hosted programs


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Emerald Building
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Albuquerque, NM 87102
Ph: (505) 321-8501

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Rainmaker Retreat

Rainmaker Retreat


Making It Rain For Organizations Large and Small

Face-to-Face Interaction Increases Innovation and Profitability

Take the recent story about how Quest Diagnostics saw a 31% revenue growth in 2016 via the launch of a new suite of technology called Quanum. Ultimately, this innovation — the first of their industry — led to a nearly nine-figure revenue lift for Quest Diagnostics. Their Chief Information Officer, Lidia Fonseca, was awarded the 2017 Forbes CIO Innovation Award.

“Business retreats are the lifeblood for innovation and collaboration, both of which are essential drivers of profitability.”

For this technology breakthrough to occur, face-to-face interaction took place at the Innovation Table to discover, nurture and disseminate the company’s objectives.

Rainmaker Retreat

How It Works

Join us for a full-day retreat consisting of two programs, decided by you! Keri Stewart will help your business move from where you are to where you want to be, and will do so by tailoring the program to your business, your team, and your goals.

You Choose Two of the Following Programs:

Keri will conduct a pre-retreat interview to clarify your desired outcomes. She will get to work designing a program that is custom-made to your company, its values, and its objectives.

When you arrive for your retreat, you and your team will be pampered with our full-attention. Meals, quality snacks and unlimited hot and cold beverages will keep everyone fueled and happy. Keri’s on-point facilitation will find the collective power of your team, bring a new perspective to the forefront, challenge your thinking and willingness to grow.

After your retreat, you can expect Keri to follow up as your accountability partner, challenging you to stick to your plan, and helping you stay focused if you get off course.

It’s time for you to answer, “What’s next?” It’s time for you to realize the potential of your business!

Whether your business seeks to extend your products or services; promote sales efforts; develop your staff — serious brainpower and talent, combined with an outlet for information exchange, are needed to contribute to elevated outcomes.

It’s all too rare that we are invited to sit at the table where meaningful strategies and professional development are on the agenda. Don’t let stagnation be commonplace.

About your coach:

Keri Stewart is a Certified Professional Business Coach who seeks to solve the many challenges of business ownership, eager to make businesses better than when she found them. By treating her client’s business as if it were her own, Keri has become known as a Business Rainmaker!



About your host:

Gravitate is a modern and light-filled meeting space purposefully designed to host inspired and meaningful business functions. Creator Jen Mulliniks loves to spoil her clients with attention and an exceptional meeting experience.



Exclusively at Gravitate!
1121 4th St. NW, Third Floor 87102


Facilitated By
Keri Stewart, Certified Professional Business Coach

Full-day, all-inclusive
$4,995 + tax
for teams up to 20 people
some materials may incur additional fees.


Ignite 505

Ignite 505

An exclusive membership for developing leaders

We’re looking for Duke City’s finest. Are you in?

After 12 months of feedback, we discovered the need for a program in Albuquerque specifically designed to catapult our business community and its people forward.  One that exists to grow great leaders: courageous, articulate, generous, and charismatic leaders. We took all this information and Ignite505 was born!

Ignite505 is not your typical leadership program. It is your force. Your spark. Whether you’re looking to climb a new ladder in your industry, are trying to create breakthroughs in sales efforts, or perhaps you’re ready to bring your biggest, boldest self to the table… Ignite505 is a program you need to check out.

“People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. —John Maxwell”

You may think you don’t have time for leadership development. You’re not alone! The #1 challenge business professionals face is not having enough time. When you become an Ignite505 member, you’ll learn how to achieve balance and improve time management. And this is just one of the many life-changing capabilities you will learn!


How It Works

Ignite505 members meet at Gravitate for a half-day on 1 Monday morning a month. Keri Stewart guides the group within a supportive but challenging learning environment that allows members to engage in open, honest dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidentiality.

Each month, members will receive strategic facilitation purposefully designed to strengthen leadership performance and effectiveness. The following list shows what Ignite505 will cover.

Additional Benefits

Ignite505 members will receive complimentary registration to quarterly-scheduled Book Briefs: A 90-minute Breakdown of the Books Every Leader Should Read. Additional benefits include a 10% discount on professional services from Results 4 Business, as well as a 10% discount on all Gravitate meeting space rentals.

2018 Dates

February 5th | March 19th | April 16th | May 21st | June 18th | July 16th | August 20th | September 17th | October 29th | November 19th | December 17th

To excel in our area of expertise, we must merge who we are today with whom we want to be tomorrow. In 2018, who will you be?

About your coach:

Keri Stewart is a Certified Professional Business Coach who seeks to solve the many challenges of business ownership, eager to make businesses better than when she found them. By treating her client’s business as if it were her own, Keri has become known as a Business Rainmaker!



About your host:

Gravitate is a modern and light-filled meeting space purposefully designed to host inspired and meaningful business functions. Creator Jen Mulliniks loves to spoil her clients with attention and an exceptional meeting experience.



Exclusively at Gravitate!
1121 4th St. NW, Third Floor 87102

Invest in Yourself First, Then Get to Work!

Facilitated By
Keri Stewart, Certified Professional Business Coach

$329 a Month With Annual Membership